The Suny Duct 800 air handling unit must be applied in suction to ducted units equipped with ventilation, on systems existing for some time or to be built. Applied to the ceiling in a horizontal position and connected in series to the heat exchanger, it guarantees a bacteriological reduction and of breathable fine dust up to 95%, keeping the air distribution channels perfectly clean and free of bacteria.This product does not require filter replacement, but simply periodic cleaning, while the UV lamp must be replaced after 12000 hours of operationThis product is suitable for use in the following environments:residential, commercial, industrial, hospital, medical, cosmetics, hairdressers, restaurants, bars, pubs,schools, shopping centres.
Insulated, galvanized metal structure, possibility of connection via rectangular or circular channel
Air flow: maximum 800 m3 h.
Electric absorption 180 W
Power supply 220 V
The unit includes a G4 filter, active electronic filters (no. 2), UV lamp length 530 (no. 1).
Dimensions L 770, H 230, D 350, weight Kg 10.