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Air purification

In the domestic environments are present polluting factors causing ...

Air purification

In the domestic environments are present polluting factors causing negative effects on the health of man.

External pollution remains trapped inside dwellings and to this is added the pollution produced by furnishings in formaldehyde, hygiene and cleaning products, mites, powders and micro-powder, pet hair, molds, pollens, bacteria, etc. It is often a low-concentration pollution with multiple origin that does not cause acute effects but which cause non-specific symptoms.

In the long term the prolonged and repeated exposure to these pollutants can reveal its consequences causing irritation of the eyes, throat, nausea, headaches, dizziness and fatigue, especially during the periods in which stress is simultaneously present or during a change of season.

Some chemical pollutants can irritate the upper airways causing allergic diseases such as asthma and rhinitis or weaken the immune system increasing susceptibility to infectious agents or reduce the antitumor defenses.
It is therefore important to improve the quality of indoor air in our homes, even if you do not currently have symptoms. A filtering system specifically calibrated for the size and the characteristics of the dwelling may resolve the problem of air pollution in homes.

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