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Air purification in rest homes

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Air purification

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Air purification in rest homes

In the spaces in which interacts with a large number of people the risks sanitation increase. The depuration of the air takes in these places a fundamental role for the wellness of the guests and workers. 

A FORTIORI IF THE subjects are hosted in the environment are particularly weak sensitive, such as the elderly or sick, air quality is fundamental to not seriously affect their state of health. Moreover these environments are at risk of problems associated with odors that can make unpleasant stay in these places.

The installation of an air filtration system specific allows to prevent the spread of diseases, make their environments cleansed and disinfected, eliminate odors, renew the air and make it more lively.
The rest homes and the healthcare residences (RSA) are places that are particularly sensitive to these issues.

The environments in which transit health operators, guests and their families must necessarily be protected with great respect.
The systems for purifying the air NEW AIR are specifically designed to suppress mites, bacteria, mold that can infest these places. In particular, when they are provided with systems of cooling or ventilation is indispensable the presence of a filtering system to prevent the spread of diseases and the degradation of the quality of the air.

NEW AIR proposes specific filters and of the highest quality for these situations.
A qualified staff provides assistance and advice on the design and installation of products specifically intended and designed for a given environment.