Health is what you breathe

The growing attention toward healthy lifestyles is due to a greater awareness of the problems caused by the polluting substances present in our living environments.
More and more frequently behaviors are being adopted to block the polluting agents damaging  for our health.
Next to this sensitivity the habit to install air filtration systems in private and public environments is also spreading.
In some countries the pollution has reached such a level as to determine the urgent need for adequate systems of air purification inside the buildings, especially in public places.
Electrostatic filters are therefore an effective system integrating the systems for the recirculation of the air heating and cooling so as to ensure a standard of high health inside closed places.
New Air proposes to the market as a company specializing in the design and assembly of systems of electrostatic filtration by providing products of the highest quality and fully assembled by hand.
Thanks to the thirty years experience in the field of air purification, NEW AIR produces filters suitable for every client's need, available in a wide range of customization, capable of ensuring a high level of efficiency and cutting-edge technical features.
NEW AIR aims to spread the culture of the purification of the air inside of public buildings such as hospitals, rest homes, schools, places of work in such a way as to be able to raise the level of wellbeing of the places frequented by categories at risk as the sick, the elderly, children and workers and those who most need of better environmental conditions.
Filtering systems NEW AIR emit purified air to 95% from all the polluting substances and from this point of view are important aids for the health and welfare of the people.