In 1962 Gilberto Ripatonda founded in Suzzara a small electromechanical company called ‘Elettromeccanica Suzzarese’. With the passing of the years the company expands also thanks to his son Alberto who begins to collaborate with his father Gilberto.

The Ripatondas continue the activity together led by their resourcefulness, determination and a constant will to open up to new products and markets.

 In 1982 Gilberto and Alberto meet by chance the world of air filtration systems and intrigued and fascinated by this emerging field of technological application start to study the products already on the market and after long and careful research, decide to dedicate themselves entirely to this sector to produce their line of filters of the highest quality.

 And so at the beginning of the nineties NEW AIR srl was born, led by Alberto, who develops cutting-edge designs in the production of electrostatic filters. NEW AIR grows steadily over time and every day refines increasingly technologies put in the field in the design and assembly of filtering systems. The long experience in the field has allowed the NEW AIR to present itslef today to a increasing large in constant growth market, filtering systems of excellence and cured in the minimums details that satisfy the needs of the European and world markets. In 1962 Gilberto Ripatonda founded in Suzzara a small company electromechanical called Elettromeccanica Suzzarese.